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LUCEM Stone ® is the new flooring product from Ad Lucem, otherwise known as millimetric terrazzo. It is a mineral concrete developed on AD LUCEM ® mortar bases associated with various aggregates (marble, granite, quartz, etc.). The decoration is that of a polished decorative concrete but the competence of the mortar, in particular in terms of adhesion, allowing a millimeter application on the thickness of the largest aggregate, ie 16 mm.

Material skills

The challenge for the development of LUCEM Stone ® terrazzo was to combine the aesthetic rendering of mass mineral products with the adhesion properties of thin coatings. These are the two main components of the technical and aesthetic durability of the system.

The ease of application thanks to an extension of the opening time, which allows very good workability, and the very rapid rise in hardness and adhesion make it possible to sand surfaces 72 hours after application of the material .

The adhesion properties of the LUCEM Stone ® System coupled with its low thickness make it possible to avoid splitting joints. Only those present in the support should be brought to the surface.

It is by taking into account all the constraints of these specifications that AD LUCEM ® arrived at the ready-to-use terrazzo, LUCEM Stone ® . Its implementation on construction sites boils down to mixing and placing the materials, before sanding.

Technical recognition

The extraordinary skills of the product in only 12 mm thickness after sanding opened the doors of the ATEx 2581_V1 , issued in June 2018 by the CSTB. This document covers the application of the LUCEM Stone ®System and authorizes its application in premises classified U4 P4 E2 C2, according to the UPEC classification in force.

Surface protection

The surface protection of the terrazzo is provided by the steps of mineralization and grouting during sanding which allow the surface to be completely closed. A specially designed oil-repellent water repellent completes the stain protection.

Controlled creativity

Industrial production allows perfect control of the composition of the mixtures and the coloring of the mortar bases that make up the system. This reliability of the colors and the calibration of the aggregates make it possible to guarantee results of great regularity on the sites.

Unparalleled durability

Because it is made up of multiple grains and hard materials like marble, lime or cement, terrazzo can be easily restored hundreds of years later. The grouting and sanding operations allow for spectacular renovations.