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About Ad Lucem

Ad Lucem was founded in 1970 in France. They are a leading manufacturer of mineral millimetric decorative materials for floors and walls, more commonly known as micro-cement. 
The company is very proud of its merging of chemistry and civil engineering, what they refer to as 'total technical transparency' - a way to reassure specifiers, and their partners, and to deliver the best outcome for their customers. 
Idea Creations has been the the importer of Ad Lucem products into Australia since 2016, and are in the process of formalising an agreement to include training of applicators in Australia in 2021, and the rollout of the millimetric Terrazzo flooring system.
Our Partners
We have also made the choice of transparency with regard to the origin of the bases and materials that we transform.
The components of a system encompassing primers, technical coats and finishes call on different skills which must be combined to ensure chemical compatibility, validate resistance and ultimately ensure their reliability. It is this partnership that has enabled us to progress and validate our systems up to the Technical Assessment which was issued to us by CSTB (French standards).
The industrial partnership is not limited to companies with which we have worked on material components. Other manufacturers, players in these fields of soil treatment, have found solutions through our systems and have approached us."
 - Ad Lucem 
Ad Lucem insists on the maintenance of their culture of superior results and technical transparency. Accordingly, the purchase and use of Ad Lucem micro cement products are restricted to trained applicators who have familiarity with the Ad Lucem products and systems.